How to get rid of Rosacea naturally

Rosacea is not only a cosmetic problem but it can also severely impact a person's self-confidence and psychological well-being.

After many years of suffering and trying all medical options on the market with no success, it became clear to me that I needed to take a different approach and look for the root cause, instead of trying to combat only the symptoms.

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I would like to point out that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, however, I would like to share what has worked for me and my friend Joanne Kelly (just to say this approach seems to be reproducible).

By following the below we both managed to get rid of our rosacea, which we had been carrying with us for 15 and 20 years each. Thanks to this protocol we have now both been rosacea-free for almost 5 years.

Instead of keeping it very general, I prefer to give you concrete actionable advice based on our personal journey with rosacea.
I hope you will see the same dramatic results we did.

In many ancient cultures it is said that the skin is the mirror of the gut. Both Traditional Chinese Medicine as Ayurveda believe that any skin condition has its root cause in poor gut health.

Modern medicine is now also slowly discovering the importance of a balanced microbiome more and more in recent years.
I therefore encourage you to take measures in order to improve the balance of your gut microbiome.

This allows your immune system to also reduce any inflammation you might have in your body. I also recommend other approaches against inflammation and to strengthen your body as a whole.

These are the measures I recommend you to follow:

  • Diet - Avoid eating refined sugar, gluten and dairy or at least reduce their intake as much as possible. If you can I would recommend following the autoimmune paleo diet initially and then slowly transitioning to a regular paleo diet over time, if you notice you tolerate more foods that you initially eliminated.

    Eat many vegetables to fuel your body with vitamins and minerals and to nourish your beneficial gut bacteria.
    • Gut Microbiome - Follow a protocol to rebalance your gut microbiome. I personally made good experiences with the gut health protocol (, however, there are others as well.
      What is definitely important is to integrate many fermented foods into your diet.

      If you suffer from histamine intolerance, however, you better avoid fermented foods initially and use a high potency probiotic. You can integrate fermented foods later, as your microbiome improves so your histamine intolerance gets better as well.
    • Turmeric - Use a lot of Turmeric when cooking your dishes. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and is better absorbed by your digestive system when cooked.
    • Sleep - Follow a regular sleep schedule. Good sleep has been shown to improve the status of your gut flora as well.
    • Exercising - Move your body at least 3 times a week. Both aerobic as anaerobic exercise is great, however, things that increase your heart rate and get your blood flow going are more beneficial in terms of gut health and against inflammation in our experience.

      So running, playing soccer, tennis, volleyball etc. tend to help more than weightlifting, however, depending on your physical condition long walks in nature are good as well.

      They also improve the function of your digestive system and boost your beneficial gut flora.
    • Stress management - Avoid excessive stress as much as you can and start integrating meditation into your daily routine. I personally saw amazing results with the Wim Hof method, however, Yoga, mindfulness or other methods are very beneficial too.

      The most important is to learn to relax and let go of your thoughts and become more mindful of your body and the present moment. This will in turn release any tension you might have in your belly area, so your digestive system can work better, which in turn will benefit your whole body as well.
    • Topical apple cider vinegar - Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into one cup of water (or you can also use water kefir instead of water for additional benefits), use a cotton pad to apply it on your skin and let it dry
      You can do this once before sleeping and also once in the morning if you like.

      This helps to balance out the microbiome on your skin as well, so you can speed up the effects of RosaLight™ and also of the above measures. 
      The vinegar can be a little aggressive on your skin initially, that is why we suggest to dilute it like that, however, depending on how your skin tolerates it you can also increase the concentration of the vinegar over time, however, never go above 50% of vinegar.
    • LED light therapy - This can be done at the dermatologist or also in some beauty centers, however, it is really expensive. One session can cost up to $300. As an alternative there are devices that can be used at home, however, many do not offer the specific wavelengths that are beneficial for Rosacea as they were conceived for the treatment of other skin conditions.
      I recommend to use RosaLight™ as it is the only device specifically for Rosacea on the market. RosaLight™ uses a spectrum of wavelengths that have been shown to be particularly beneficial for rosacea skin. Particularly the red (633 nm), the blue (450 nm) and the yellow (590 nm) lights in the wavelengths used by Rosalight™, have been demonstrated to act synergistically in improving the appearance of rosacea skin.

      In my experience already the previous steps mentioned above help a lot with rosacea, however, it was only after integrating the LED light therapy that things started to shift very quickly for me.

    I sincerely hope these tips will help you as they helped me with my own rosacea!

    Wishing you smooth and calm skin! 😊

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    Sarah Palmer
    Natural Health & Beauty Hacker

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    • Hi there,thanks for the advice! I find fresh aloe vera really helps- I would usually put it on when I am at home during the day since it does turn whitish once dried.
      Did it take a couple of weeks,months for your rosacea to clear? I’m in my 4th week using the mask.

    • Is there anything I can use on my face other than apple cider vinegar as it burns my face or do I need to
      Dilute it more. Thank u

      Connie Cowen
    • I struggle with putting the apple cider vinegar on my face. It burns and drys out my skin worse. Any other suggestions I can do. I know my gut is a mess and I’m sure that is why I have rosecea. I get dry patches on my face. There awful. And I refuse to go to a dermatologist. They made it worse. Thanks. God bless.

      Connie Cowen
    • thank you for sharing this. It helps just knowing that I am not alone in my struggles. I can’t wait to receive my Rosalight, as many of your tips I have already incorporated. That lack of self confidence piece is real!

      Amanda Pearson
    • Hi Sarah
      Having just read your blog I noticed that on the dietary advice you haven’t mentioned spicey food or,alcohol.also strong sun light which I’ve always been advised to avoid,I would appreciate your opinion.
      MANY THANKS.Tim.

      Tim McNamara

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