About Us

I have been suffering from Rosacea since I was a teenager and I know the feeling of helplessness and embarassment that comes with it.

Before the onset of Rosacea I used to be a very sociable, outgoing person and I used to laugh a lot. This suddenly stopped when this all started, as I just felt really embarassed and self-conscious.

Every little emotion and even laughing itself caused this unpleasant feeling of heat rising into my face, which caused me to get red like a tomato.

I was desperately looking for a solution to this to get my life back. Since the usual recommended treatments did not work at all for me, I started trying many alternative remedies, like essential oils, dietary changes, vitamins, apple cider vinegar (internal and external) and also specific measures to improve my gut flora.

The latter two measures really did bring me the first noticeable improvement, however, I was still not happy with the result and my skin was certainly not as smooth and flawless as it was before.

Obsessed with finding a solution to my suffering and motivated thanks to my first breakthrough, I continued searching and diving deep into the medical studies available over the internet, when I finally discovered the benefits of LED phototherapy for many skin ailments. 

Light Therapy LED Mask

At that stage it was not yet that well studied for Rosacea, but it showed to be effective for Acne and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Since I had nothing to lose and I was convinced Rosacea, Acne and Seborrheic Dermatitis share many similiarities, I decided to just give it a go.
I set a few appointments at my dermatologist who had just bought a new red and blue light LED device.

After the first session I did not see any difference, however, after about 4 or 5 sessions I started to notice the baseline redness becoming less and after about 8 sessions the difference  became so noticeable that my family asked me if I now decided to wear make up at home! 

I seriously could not believe how my skin was transforming! The flushing completely disappeared. So much so that I was able to eat spicy food again and even go to the sauna, without any issues! Even my pores started to shrink, especially on my nose.

But the nicest transformation of all was that I started feeling my self-confidence coming back. I just felt so much more comfortable in my own skin and in interacting with others.
It felt incredibly good to see the old Joanne slowly coming back.

I was extremely happy with the results, but over time I realized how much money I was spending for these treatments and that is where the idea for RosaLight was born. 

Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy Mask

I thought there must be a way to make these medical grade devices available to everyone, without the need to see a dermatologist.

After visiting many factories, LED suppliers and clinicians I managed to get a LED mask engineered that uses the exact same wavelenghts used by my doctor for the red and blue light, with a high quality built and at a cheap price.

However, that was just the very first version of the product.
In the meantime as new studies came out about LED light and Rosacea and also based on our own experience with the device we refined the wavelengths of the red and blue light more and more to hit the exact spectrum that is particularly effective against inflammation, redness, to build back up the collagen and also fighting demodex mites. 

In the final version we added in 5 more colors that have each their own therapeutic benefits and that act in synergy to help depending on the particular case (we noticed that very often people suffering from Rosacea have also other accompanying skin conditions, such as Acne or Seborrheic Dermatitis, so we needed to consider those too).

I made this device primarily for myself, so I can keep on staying without noticeable Rosacea symptoms, however, it feels really good to offer this also to other people in the same situation.

Rosacea Light Therapy Mask RosaLight

While there are similar devices on the market that work for other skin ailments, I can proudly say that RosaLight is the only one specifically created for Rosacea skin on the market today.

Feel free to convince yourself of the quality and give it a try. 

Thanks to our 90 Day money back guarantee and our 5 years warranty there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain!

Wishing you flawless skin and a radiant self-confidence,

Signature Joanne Kelly
Co-Founder & Passionate RosaLight™ Ambassador

PS: If you have any questions regarding the product or also regarding my own journey with Rosacea, feel free to contact my team at support@rosalight.com or also myself personally at joanne@rosalight.com :-)

Update September 2020: I am proud to announce that we recently launched our second product! It is called Bliss Roller and helps clear up flushing instantly, as well as having many longer term benefits on the skin, for Rosacea but also for other inflammatory skin conditions. It is very effective when used in combination with RosaLight™. Stay tuned as soon we will launch additional products all geared to calm down the skin and to balance it.