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Love it!

Highly recommended for Rosacea sufferers. It is my saviour whenever my rosacea is triggered with heat, chilli, etc. At the same time, I am following the advise in focusing on my gut health. Good advise from the founder.. Thanks!

Best Thing Created! Answer to my prayers!

I've struggled with rosacea forever! I'm almost 50 years old and thought I would be stuck with ache as an old lady. Wal-la! This is just incredible. Those who know me know my struggle with slap face red and ache. I look amazing just within four days.

Great Product

I got recommended Rosalight by my dermatologist and couldn't be any happier with it. Have been using it for 3 weeks now, gradually increasing the treatment duration and have seen a subtle but very noticeable improvement on my skin already. Can't wait what's gonna happen in a few more weeks!

Slow improvements

I haven't had the rosalight for very long so its hard to tell the improvements. So far it has been slow progress. The red light dries out my skin. I follow the directions and don't put product of any kind on my face before using and without moisturizer my face is itchy while the light is on. I had pretty bad rosacea but had professional IPL laser before I bought this lighy which was a miracle, but I had some redness left that I just wanted to manage as well as acne vulgaris. I switch between the blue and red light. Once I came out with a blemish on my cheek after 5 minutes of using blue light so I switched back to red for a bit. I wish the timer went by minutes under 20 minutes instead of 5 minute intervals. Overall, it's a nice product.

My Pores Are Shrinking! Thanks RosaLight <3

I love the mask. It's becoming a staple in my skincare routine. I use the blue light which is perfect for my sensitive skin. I struggle with large pores on my forehead and chin and have seen them shrink significantly while using this product. Highly recommend.

Game changer!

Give this amazing mask a few weeks to see results. After a few weeks, you will be able to see a difference. I absolutely love it and cannot be without it :)

Very soothing

Ultra soothing for Sunburn and the burning rosacea on my cheeks, plus using it in the morning is like a double espresso shot to the face! ZING - I feel so awake after I roll! No mess no chemicals, the best!


I can honestly say this is the help I have been hoping for a while now. From the first time I wore the mask I saw a difference. I thought it was placebo lol but now I know it was not. I have been wearing the mask for about a month and I can clearly see the gradual improvement on my skin. If you are struggling with rosacea and are considering purchasing this mask, do it!! It does what is says it does. After being disappointed so many times by so many products, I am so happy I gave it a chance.

My skin improved! Thank you❤️

Actually, the skin texture and redness improved after the first treatment! To be fair , I make this review after eight times of treatment. I used red, blue and yellow light, my skin is more calm, redness decease 70%, pore smaller and skin is more Smooth! My Mum asked me buy one for her! Highly recommend this mask to One that want to improve her skin especially who have Rosacea! Thank you for the founder!

It Works

Just love my bliss roller. I have broken capillaries on my cheeks, which can get hot. This is wonderful at calming it down. It's been winter here in NZ, so I have not been putting it in the freezer. But will when it gets hot. I totally recommend to get one, If you are prone to flushing. It is also great for headaches.

This mask is amazing

Im using this mask for a two weeks now and I can see the difference on my forehead. I had some red spots but now it looks clear and smooth. Skin is soft. It’s still short period of time to see the results on my cheeks but I know everything needs time to heal. I will wrote a review few weeks from now and hopefully using RosaLight will do the same miracle as it has done to my forehead.

Is it true?

My dermatologist indicated that my next step in dealing with my rosacea was laser treatments. This was a rather expensive method and my heart sunk so I searched for foundation that would give me the illusion of the face I wanted. This worked until makeup came off AND THEN-I found Rosalight. I read the reviews, studied the pictures and decided I would purchase. I have used 3x with 3 colors. Is my rosacea gone? Don’t be silly BUT I will say my skin texture is changing. That’s 15 minutes total and my skincare products seem to absorb and work better. I am very optimistic and believe I will see the positive results others have experienced. I hope to update reviews and include photos while I continue my journey. I honestly believe, this is the REAL DEAL. Turning 55 this year and I think it’s going to be a game changing year. Set aside your doubt and make the investment in yourself! Til next time...


My RosaLight mask has been a game-changer. My skin went to hell about 2 years ago, I had rosacea really badly on the one side of my face and my nose. My skin hurt, it was sore and raw. I first used Ivermectcine for about 3 months, which helped but I still got flareups, so it helped but didn't cure it. And then I found RosaLight. I got the mask about 8 months ago. I started using it per-directions for 4 minutes (adding an additional minute each time) every other day and rotating between the red, green and blue light. I have built up to using it for 15 minutes and now I only need it once every week or so. My skin is back to normal now and even better than before. Thank you!!!!! Highly recommend.....10 out of 10. I literally tell everyone about it since it changed my life. I wasted SO much money on products before and this is the only thing that has worked and completely cleared up my skin. If you're on the fence--Order it! You won't regret it.

Amazing difference already

My rosacea has progressively got worse since I have had kids it makes me so self conscious! I have been using this product for just over a week and already I’m seeing a difference! In the past I have spent so much on different products and can say I am annoyed I didn’t find this earlier! I am even getting comments from my family saying it has made a difference!
The delivery was also extremely quick! Thank you!

RosaLight™ - The Rosacea Phototherapy Mask
Great home use product that works!

So far so good!!! Loving my mask, wasn’t sure if it could give salon results at home but my gosh it really does!!!! (No makeup or filter on either picture!!) I’m building the times up really slowly and alternating the colours to see which ones work best for me!
My only negative is that I’m very red on my chin which I want to treat and the mask doesn’t appear to have many lights in that area to be able to treat it so am guessing this will be a longer process than on my cheeks. That being said I thankfully no longer think I’d ever have laser treatment again in a salon, I’ve had numerous occasions where I’ve not been happy with the service/treatment given, now I can lay on my bed at home at my leisure! Thankyou rosalight!!

Love it

Pretty easy to use and i can see the difference in my skin...the redness from rosacea is calming down

No more expensive laser treatments!

This mask has helped a LOT. I will say though, this mask might not be the only thing that has helped. I’ve changed my routine where I don’t use a facial sponge to remove makeup. I just use micellar water bc my skin hates to be touched or rubbed. I also try to not let the hot water from shower to touch my face anymore so that my face isn’t red when out of shower. After showing, I’ve been spraying rose water/vitamin c face moisturizer I made and has made my skin so soft and more even toned. I then get in bed and use this mask. It minimizes and calms my skin and just overall looks better the more I been using it. No more Photofacials! I see more results since I’ve been doing this. Hope this helps!


I have had red skin and rosacea for several years. The older I got, the worse it got. I tried countless over the counter remedies and prescriptions - even personalized, expensive serums - all to no avail. My med spa consultant recommended I try Rosalight. I literally saw a difference in my skin after 3 treatments. I am starting my 4th week (3 treatments per week) and my skin looks entirely different! No more red patches and my overall tone has evened out. I love it! I highly recommend Rosalight to anyone who has rosacea. It is the ONLY product that has ever made a difference. I absolutely LOVE the results!

I'm so glad I purchased Rosalight!

I love my Rosalight mask. I use the red color due to my Rosacea and I am seeing positive results. It has calmed down the redness in my face. I cannot wait to see where I am at 12 weeks!

Ray of hope!

Started using for 2 weeks . Following the instruction to use blue,red and yellow for rosacea Skin. 5 mins per session for now.Could see some improvement in my skin. Still feeling the itch on my face on certain days though but much better than before ! Thanks rosalight team for the excellent Customer service ,and great product ! And a very big thank you to founder for giving me a ray of hope!

Good results

Good results so far, I have only had my mask for two weeks but I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin, specially with the reduction of pimples. I’m hoping it will continue to improve with more time.

Looks scary but works very well!

My kids make fun of me when I use it, they say I look like something out of a fright-night movie—haha! But the results have been excellent. My skin has noticeably improved, rosacea, scaring, spider veins all look better with a daily usage of the mask for 15 minutes. Ive only had it for about a month now, so I don't know if they will completely go away with more use, but I hope so.

Wow!! Finally something that works!

I love my RosaLight mask! I use the red light 10 minutes a day. I started 3 weeks ago and built it up slowly. My rosacea is so much better! The baseline redness is visibly better and also the flushing has almost disappeared completely. My friends also noticed the change. I still can't believe it after so many years of struggle! I attached a before/after picture so you can see the results. I'm sure it will get even better the more I use it.

This mask produces the promised results

With so many gimmicks out there in the beauty world, and god only knows how much money wasted on bogus products that never fulfilled their claims, I was a bit skeptical to purchase this product. However, between the information I've been reading lately on the benefits of light therapy, combined with the positive reviews this particular mask had, and the return policy of the company, I figured the only thing I had to lose were the redness in my face and the embarassing flushing. So far, I have only used the red and blue light, but I can tell you that after only a couple of weeks of both colors 3 x's a week usage, at level 5 for 20 minutes, my skin is significantly (and noticeably) brighter, smoother and more even. I noticed the biggest difference on my nose. People keep saying that though they can't quite put a finger on what, specifically, it is about my skin that looks different, there just seems to be an all around "healthy, glowiness" to it. I'll take it!Update: Still so incredibly happy with this mask, and my skin only continues to get better...Can't say enough good things about this thing!

Company Stands With You

I love this mask and use it every day. Each day I use two of the color modes in the rotation, the following day I use the next two and so on. And it works. My skin tone has never looked more smooth and even! After about 5 months of use, the usb port on the mask itself broke loose and I was unable to use the mask, but RosaLight proactively saw my mention of this in my updated review and just shipped me a brand new unit at no cost to me. Apparently this item comes with a 5 year guarantee! It was incredible customer service from a company that really cares about its customers and believes in its products. Highly recommended!